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Pioneers in Executive Search – Tailored for the Outdoors

At Cutwater Martin we believe in passion, adventure, and excellence. Our love for the great outdoors and the active lifestyle industry isn’t just a hobby; it’s the core of our executive search practice. 

For nearly a decade, we’ve been the bridge connecting the industry’s leading companies with exceptional talent who share our values.

The Cutwater Martin Difference

Founded by Mike Martin, a seasoned executive search professional with 18 years of unrivaled expertise, our firm has crafted a unique, repeatable process that goes beyond traditional recruitment.

We don’t just fill positions; we find the perfect match for your company’s culture and values. We understand that each organization has its own DNA, and we dedicate ourselves to uncovering the talents that resonate with your mission.

A picture of About Us with Cutwater Martin

Our Methodology



We don’t rely on databases; we engage in active sourcing, exploring the hidden market of potential candidates.



Utilizing our vast network, we approach prospective talent, aligning their passions with your needs.



We ensure a seamless hiring process by managing interviews, negotiations, and onboarding, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

The Industry We Love

Outdoor gear and active lifestyle are not mere sectors; they are a way of life. Our in-depth knowledge of this unique industry stems from years of dedication to understanding its trends, technologies, and transformations. From outdoor equipment manufacturers to lifestyle fashion brands, we’ve been privileged to partner with pioneers and innovators who shape the landscape of outdoor adventures.
A picture of About Us with Cutwater Martin

Join the Journey

Whether you’re a business seeking an executive who shares your vision or a professional looking for the next adventure in your career, Cutwater Martin offers a premium, personalized service that stands out in the wilderness of recruitment.

Connect with us today and discover why top brands in the outdoor gear and active lifestyle industry choose Cutwater Martin. Let us guide you in your search for excellence because your journey to success is ours too.

Mike Martin - Founder

Mike Martin has nearly 20 years of executive search experience and specializes in the outdoor adventure gear, lifestyle apparel and sporting goods industry.

Leveraging his profound understanding of companies and brands in this field, he has become a go-to expert for recruiting within this niche.

Mike’s personal passion for the outdoors aligns seamlessly with his professional expertise, as demonstrated by his love for family outdoor adventures.

Whether it’s family fishing charters where he got to watch his three sons take turns reelin’ in a 175 pound tarpon or taking an open jet boat adventure through the Devil Hill’s Rapids in the Niagara River Gorge, Mike has passed his love of the outdoor to his kids.

His love for the outdoors not only fuels his personal life but also drives his dedication to connecting adventurers with the gear they need through his professional pursuits.