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Talent Acquisition for Adventure Gear Brands

Welcome to Cutwater Martin, where our passion for the outdoors drives our commitment to excellence. With over 20 years of industry experience, we stand as the bridge between adventure gear brands and top-tier talent that seamlessly aligns with their mission. Our founder, Mike Martin, is steadfast in his dedication to building enduring partnerships and championing the growth of the sector’s most revered outdoor gear brands.


The Right Candidates

Tapping into our extensive networks and keen understanding of leadership attributes and career ambitions, we draw the outdoor industry’s most coveted executives, particularly those enthusiastic about adventure gear brands.


Accelerated Hiring

Employing a rich arsenal of tools and proprietary techniques, we meticulously evaluate and fast-track the hiring process, ensuring candidates’ skills and visions are in harmony with your brand’s ethos and aspirations.


Candidate Insights

We closely examine the fundamental motivations of potential candidates, providing unparalleled insights and advice. This approach helps us better understand what drives each candidate, contributing to longer employee retention and a harmonious work environment.

Why Choose Cutwater Martin for Adventure Gear Brands?

Mike Martin’s specialized acumen in outdoor adventure gear brands ensures targeted searches, encompassing roles from C-Suite executives to General Managers, serving both established giants and budding startups.

Our proficiency in advanced Boolean search strategies and tailored LinkedIn search engines promises precise targeting of candidates, resonating with the dynamic pulse of the Adventure Gear sector.
Our notable interview-to-hire ratio and successful placements underscore our unwavering commitment to aligning the perfect fit for your brand’s unique ethos and objectives.
Years without losing placements to counteroffers bear testament to our unparalleled commitment to integrity and reliability in the recruitment spectrum.
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Retained Search for Outdoor Gear Brands

Retained search from Cutwater Martin goes beyond just a headhunter for adventure gear brands. It exemplifies a holistic, in-depth, and tailored approach to adventure gear executive recruitment. This method is an investment in securing pivotal roles with candidates who not only possess the requisite skills and experience but also deeply resonate with your brand’s values and long-term aspirations within the outdoor gear sector.

The strategic gravity of these roles being populated, and the enduring impact that skilled leadership can bring to an organization, often justify the dedicated and comprehensive nature of a retained search. Partnering with Cutwater Martin ensures that your investment translates into results, helping your adventure gear brand climb to new heights.

Unique Approach to Sourcing Strategies

We meticulously develop search strings that target specific associations, communities, and digital platforms relevant to adventure gear brand talent acquisition. Cutwater Martin’s advanced, proprietary tactics ensure a comprehensive and accurate search for your ideal candidate.

A picture of Adventure Gear with Cutwater Martin
A picture of Adventure Gear with Cutwater Martin

Building Client Relationships as Your Adventure Gear Brands Executive Recruiter

We collaborate directly with our clients in the outdoor adventure gear sector to help them find the right leaders and team members for their organizations.

Ready to scale new heights with trailblazing leadership for your Adventure Gear Brand?

Contact us to embark on a journey to discover leaders who are perfectly aligned with your organization’s distinct requirements and values.

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