Retained Search


Tailored Expertise in the Outdoor Industry

Our comprehensive understanding of the outdoor gear and sporting goods sector enables our firm to conduct searches for positions ranging from C-Suite executives to General Managers. Our clientele includes industry leaders and innovative startups, and we specialize in identifying the right talent for various roles across this exciting industry.

Building Client Relationships & Developing New Avenues

Our dedicated team passionately embraces a collaborative methodology, skillfully managing long-term client relationships. We specialize in crafting and implementing targeted marketing campaigns, all meticulously designed to engage leaders across the industry. Each strategy is uniquely tailored to cater to the distinctive requirements of outdoor and sporting goods companies.

Innovating Search Techniques for a Precise Fit

Mike stands out due to his innovative use of standardized research techniques combined with advanced Boolean search methodologies, customized industry specific search engines, and AI prompts all designed for pinpoint accuracy in candidate targeting. Our method, both efficient and specialized, aligns seamlessly with the ever-evolving dynamics presented by the outdoor industry.


Success in Placement - Adventure Begins with the Right Leader

Mike boasts an exemplary track record, having successfully placed candidates in pivotal positions such as CEO, CFO, and COO. His impressive interview-to-hire ratio isn’t merely about filling roles; it’s evidence of our unwavering commitment. We don’t just seek candidates; we find individuals who resonate perfectly with your company’s distinct culture and overarching mission.


An Uncharted Approach to Sourcing Strategies

Venturing beyond conventional means, we craft distinct search strings aimed at specific associations, groups, and even niche social media platforms pertinent to the outdoor and sporting goods sector. Our forward-thinking and innovative tactics are our strength, enabling us to delve into markets that many find elusive or particularly challenging to reach.

Analyzing Candidates - More than a Resume

Utilizing a comprehensive approach, we conduct in-depth interviews and detailed assessments of each potential candidate. Coupled with our proficiency in psychological evaluations, we ensure a holistic understanding of the individual. This meticulous process guarantees that each candidate not only suits the role but also embodies the core values intrinsic to the outdoor industry.

Cost Efficiency & Resource Optimization

By optimizing the time to engagement through the smart use of technology, we offer operations that are both cost-effective and of high caliber. This strategy mirrors the very essence of efficiency and resourcefulness that’s paramount in the outdoor realm, ensuring we deliver results without compromising on quality or straining resources.

Integrity and Reliability on the Trail of Talent

Boasting a remarkable track record, our practice hasn’t seen placements swayed by counteroffers in several years. This stands testament to our robust and dependable methodology. As specialists in the realm of executive search, we cater specifically to the nuances and demands of the outdoor gear and sporting goods sector, ensuring unmatched results.