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Elevating Sporting Goods Brands With Elite Talent Acquisition

Welcome to Cutwater Martin, where our dedication to athletic excellence propels our commitment to quality. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are the trusted conduit between sporting goods brands and executive talent that reflects their core values. Mike Martin, our founder, champions enduring partnerships and actively contributes to the growth of the sector’s most esteemed sporting goods brands.

The Right Candidates

Utilizing our expansive networks and a profound understanding of leadership dynamics and career goals, we capture the attention of the industry’s premier executives passionate about Sporting Goods Brands.


Accelerated Hiring

With our diverse suite of tools and exclusive methodologies, we conduct thorough evaluations and expedite the hiring trajectory, ensuring candidates’ capabilities and ambitions align with your brand’s directives.


Candidate Insights

We deeply explore the inherent drives and aspirations of potential candidates, offering unparalleled insights and candid guidance. This approach promotes a deeper appreciation of candidates’ motivations, fostering increased retention and mutual growth.

Why Choose Cutwater Martin for Sporting Goods Brands?

Mike Martin’s specialized expertise in sporting goods—and extensive experience as a headhunter for sporting goods brands—ensures focused searches for positions, ranging from C-Suite executives to General Managers, catering to both market leaders and emerging brands.
Our role as a sporting goods brand recruitment specialist, and proficiency in advanced Boolean search techniques and customized LinkedIn search engines, ensures accurate identification of candidates that align well with the specific needs of the sporting goods sector.
Cutwater Martin’s interview-to-hire ratio and record in strategic placements highlight our commitment to aligning the perfect fit for your brand’s unique ethos and operational goals.
Our steadfast dedication and track record, marked by years without placements lost to counteroffers, emphasize our commitment to integrity and trustworthiness throughout the recruitment journey.
A picture of Sporting Goods with Cutwater Martin

Retained Search for Sporting Goods Brands

Retained search offers an immersive, comprehensive, and bespoke approach to executive recruitment. This method signifies an investment in ensuring that essential roles are filled with candidates who not only have the skills and experience but also deeply align with your brand’s values and overarching visions in the sporting goods domain.

The strategic importance and enduring influence of the right leadership often justify the comprehensive nature of a retained search. With Cutwater Martin, you’re not just investing in executive search—but in the future success of your brand within the sporting goods industry.

Pioneering Approach to Sourcing Strategies

We meticulously craft search strings that target specific associations, communities, and digital platforms pertinent to the Sporting Goods Brands. These forward-thinking tactics ensure a comprehensive and accurate search for your ideal candidate.

A picture of Sporting Goods with Cutwater Martin
A picture of Sporting Goods with Cutwater Martin

Sporting Goods Executive Recruiting: Client Relations

At Cutwater Martin, collaboration isn’t an afterthought—it’s integral to our client engagement. Understanding the unique nuances and intricacies of the sporting goods industry, we align our recruitment strategies with your brand’s objectives, ensuring a tailored approach that best serves your needs. With Cutwater Martin, it’s more than just headhunting for sporting goods brands; it’s a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a shared passion for advancing the sporting goods field.

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