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Retained Search

Cutwater Martin’s comprehensive understanding of the outdoor gear and sporting goods sector enables our firm to conduct searches for positions ranging from C-Suite executives to General Managers. Our clientele includes industry leaders and innovative startups, and we specialize in identifying the right talent for various roles across the outdoors industry.

Leadership Coaching

In addition to our specialization in talent acquisition for outdoor brands, Cutwater Martin offers leadership coaching to elevate both emerging and established leaders within the industry. Our transformative approach, blending assessment & coaching, ensures peak performance for outdoor brands.

Leadership coaching services are custom-designed to align with your organization’s specific needs and long-term objectives. We provide actionable insights, skill development, and strategic thinking exercises that empower individuals to excel in leadership roles. 

A picture of Our Services with Cutwater Martin
Attracting Peak Performers

Professional Speaking

Mike Martin is a highly accomplished executive recruiter and author who has written on leadership and recruiting in the adventure gear and sporting goods industry.

Unlike some who recycle the same hour-long speech at various venues, we will tailor a presentation to thrill your audience.

Our deep passion for the industry isn’t just evident; it’s contagious. We don’t merely understand our domain – we revel in it, making our sessions enjoyable and captivating for all in attendance.