Active Lifestyle Apparel

Dive into Active Lifestyle & Apparel Brand recruitment with Cutwater Martin. We understand the intricacies of this dynamic sector, ensuring that your brand is paired with executives who breathe the active lifestyle ethos. Harness our deep industry connections and unparalleled expertise to drive your brand forward.

Adventure Gear

Elevate your Adventure Gear Brand with top-tier talent through Cutwater Martin. Our seasoned expertise in this niche ensures that we connect you with leaders who are as passionate about adventure as you are. Trust in our proven strategies to find candidates who are the perfect fit for your adventurous brand’s mission.



For brands rooted in camping, hunting, and fishing, Cutwater Martin offers a tailored recruitment approach. We recognize the unique blend of tradition and innovation in this space, and we’re committed to finding executives who embody these values. Let’s collaborate to amplify the essence of the great outdoors through exceptional leadership.

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Sporting Goods

Step up your game with Cutwater Martin’s dedicated services for Sporting Goods Brands. In a market that demands agility and precision, our recruitment strategies ensure your brand gains leaders who can score big. Partner with us to find leaders who genuinely resonate with the essence of athletic excellence and team spirit.


Retail in the outdoor industry presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. At Cutwater Martin, we specialize in identifying leaders who can navigate this landscape, bringing both retail acumen and a genuine passion for the outdoors. Partner with us and transform your retail space with visionary talent.