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Specializing in Recruitment for Outdoor Industry Retail Brands

Welcome to Cutwater Martin, the bridge between passion for the outdoors and premier retail brand executive search within the realm of the outdoor industry. With over 20 years of experience, we’re the go-to choice for outdoors retail brands seeking to acquire transformative talent.

Our founder, Mike Martin, is devoted to nurturing long-lasting partnerships and enhancing the retail landscape of the world’s most vibrant outdoor brands.


The Right Candidates

Through our vast network and deep comprehension of leadership dynamics within the Outdoor Industry Retail sector, we have the prowess to connect with and attract the industry’s top executives.


Accelerated Hiring

We evaluate candidates’ track records, skill sets, expertise, and prospective growth, ensuring a streamlined hiring process that aligns with your brand’s ethos.


Candidate Insights

We uncover the core motivations and aspirations of prospective candidates. This offers unparalleled insights and transparent guidance, setting the stage for prolonged retention and a climate of collective growth.

Why Choose Cutwater Martin for Outdoor Industry Retail Brands?

Mike Martin’s specialized experience as an outdoor industry retail headhunter, coupled with his unique understanding of outdoor industry retail positions, allows our firm to adeptly fill roles ranging from C-Suite executives to store managers, serving both industry pioneers and emerging retail brands.

Our adoption of advanced Boolean search strategies and personalized LinkedIn search engines ensures meticulous targeting of candidates, resonating with the ever-evolving nature of Outdoor Industry Retail.
Our commendable interview-to-hire ratio and history of placing candidates in pivotal roles reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring a harmonious fit between candidates and your company’s unique retail culture and objectives.
With years of consistent success and zero placements lost to counteroffers, our approach epitomizes trustworthiness and dependability in the Outdoor Industry Retail recruitment landscape.
A picture of Retail with Cutwater Martin

Retained Search for Outdoor Industry Retail Brands

Retained search from Cutwater Martin goes beyond headhunting — it embodies a bespoke, strategic approach to outdoor retail recruitment. It’s a calculated investment in securing pivotal roles with candidates who bring not just the requisite skills and experience but also deeply align with your company’s values and long-term vision in the outdoors retail sphere. The intrinsic value and enduring impact that the right leadership can usher into a retail organization make retained search a worthy pursuit.

Our Distinctive Approach to Sourcing Strategies

We craft innovative search strings aimed at specific retail associations, groups, and digital platforms pertinent to the outdoor retail sector. Such pioneering tactics grant us access to arenas that typically pose formidable challenges, ensuring that we find the best possible candidate for your outdoor retail brand.

A picture of Retail with Cutwater Martin
A picture of Retail with Cutwater Martin

Nurturing Client Relationships & Forging New Pathways

Our approach to executive recruitment is rooted in collaboration, and calibrated to resonate with the unique nuances of recruiting for outdoor industry retail brands; helping them find the right leaders and team members for their organizations.

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