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Specializing in Camping, Hunting, and Fishing Brands

Welcome to Cutwater Martin, where our deep-rooted passion for the wilderness drives our pursuit of excellence. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have been the bridge between camping, hunting, and fishing brands and elite talent that resonates with their core values.

Our founder, Mike Martin, is committed to forging lasting partnerships and championing the growth of the industry’s leading outdoor brands.


The Right Candidates

Through our extensive networks and a keen understanding of leadership traits and professional ambitions, we attract the industry’s finest executives, especially those passionate about Camping, Hunting, and Fishing Brands.


Accelerated Hiring

Through a diverse arsenal of tools and proprietary techniques, we meticulously assess and expedite the hiring process to make sure candidates have the skills and potential to fit seamlessly into your brand’s vision.

Candidate Insights

We delve deep into the intrinsic drives and aspirations of potential candidates, offering invaluable insights and candid guidance. This approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of candidates’ motivations but also ensures longer retention and a harmonious professional relationship.

Why Choose Cutwater Martin for Camp/Hunt/Fish Brands?

Mike Martin’s specialized acumen in outdoor adventure gear brands ensures targeted searches, encompassing roles from C-Suite executives to General Managers, serving both established giants and budding startups.

Our mastery in advanced Boolean search strategies, combined with tailored LinkedIn search engines, guarantees precise targeting of candidates, resonating with the dynamic nature of the Camping, Hunting, and Fishing sectors.
Our impressive interview-to-hire ratio and record in crucial placements highlight our dedication to identifying the optimal fit for your brand’s unique ethos and goals.
Our unwavering dedication to maintaining trust has resulted in years without placements lost to counteroffers, emphasizing our commitment to integrity and reliability in the recruitment process.
A picture of Camp/Hunt/Fish with Cutwater Martin

Retained Search for Camping, Hunting, and Fishing Brands

Retained search is an immersive, all-encompassing, and bespoke approach to outdoors executive recruitment. It represents an investment in populating pivotal roles with candidates who are not only skilled and experienced but also harmonize seamlessly with your brand’s values and future vision in the Camping, Hunting, and Fishing realms. The strategic significance and enduring value of the right leadership often warrant the comprehensive nature of a retained search.

Our Pioneering Approach to Sourcing Strategies

We craft specialized search strings targeting specific associations, groups, and digital platforms relevant to the Camping, Hunting, and Fishing Brands. These innovative tactics enable us to penetrate even the most elusive markets, ensuring a comprehensive search for your ideal candidate.

A picture of Camp/Hunt/Fish with Cutwater Martin
A picture of Camp/Hunt/Fish with Cutwater Martin

Building Client Relationships & Developing New Avenues

Adopting a collaborative approach, we work closely with outdoor brands in the camping, hunting, and fishing sectors to help them find the right leaders and team members for their organizations.

Ready to cast the net for exceptional leadership for your Fishing, Hunting, or Hiking Brand?

Contact us and set forth on an expedition to unearth leaders uniquely attuned to your brand’s distinctive aspirations and values.

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