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Welcome to Cutwater Martin, where passion for the outdoors and active lifestyle is at the core of our executive search practice. With over 20 years of industry experience, we specialize in connecting top-tier active lifestyle apparel and footwear outdoor brands with outstanding talent that resonate with their values.

Our founder, Mike Martin, is dedicated to fostering purpose-driven partnerships and contributing to the success of the world’s most exciting outdoor brands.


The Right Candidates

We provide invaluable perspectives and candid guidance to help you understand what drives your candidates, ensuring longer retention and mutual growth in various roles across the industry.


Accelerated Hiring

Our array of tools and exclusive methods allow meticulous evaluation and swift hiring, ensuring that candidates’ skills, expertise, and potential align perfectly with your brand’s needs.


Candidate Insights

By fostering a profound understanding of what drives these professionals, we pave the way for longer retention and cultivate an environment of mutual growth and symbiotic professional relationships.

Why Choose Cutwater Martin for Active Lifestyle Apparel Outdoor Brands?

Mike Martin’s tailored expertise in Active Lifestyle Apparel and Footwear enables us to conduct searches ranging from C-Suite executives to General Managers, serving both industry leaders and innovative startups.

Our implementation of advanced Boolean search strategies and customized LinkedIn candidate search engines ensures precise targeting of candidates who resonate with the dynamic nature of active lifestyle apparel and footwear outdoor brands.
Our impressive interview-to-hire ratio and record in placing candidates in crucial roles reflect our commitment to finding the right fit for your company’s unique culture and mission in the outdoor space.
Our robust and reliable approach has led to years without losing placements to counteroffers, showcasing our dedication to integrity and reliability in the recruitment process.
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Retained Search for Active Lifestyle Apparel & Footwear Outdoor Brands

Retained search with Cutwater Martin goes beyond mere headhunting. It’s a unique, in-depth, and tailored approach to outdoor executive recruitment; an investment in filling critical positions with candidates who not only possess sector-specific skills and experience, but also align with your brand’s ethos and long-term goals.

This approach often justifies the extra time and investment, as the strategic importance of the roles being filled, and the long-term value that the right leadership can bring to an organization, can significantly impact your company’s position in the market and long-term success.

A Unique, Uncharted Approach to Sourcing Strategies

At Cutwater Martin, we develop unique search strings targeting specific associations, groups, and social media platforms relevant to the active lifestyle apparel and footwear sector. These innovative tactics allow us to penetrate markets that are usually challenging to reach, ensuring the most comprehensive search for your ideal candidate.

A picture of Lifestyle Apparel with Cutwater Martin
A picture of Lifestyle Apparel with Cutwater Martin

Building Client Relationships & Developing New Avenues

We collaborate directly with our clients in the active lifestyle apparel and footwear sector to help them find the right leaders and team members for their organizations.

Ready To Find The Right Leader For Your Active Lifestyle Apparel & Footwear Outdoor Brand?​

Contact us to embark on a journey to discover leaders who are perfectly aligned with your organization’s distinct requirements and values.
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