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Drawing from our extensive connections with the most coveted executives and our comprehensive understanding of their leadership proficiencies and professional aspirations, we possess the capacity to entice top-tier candidates to engage with us.

We possess an array of tools and exclusive methods for conducting a meticulous evaluation of candidates’ past achievements, expertise, skills, and future potential.

Helping you understand candidates’ motivations is a cornerstone of our outdoor industry recruiting services. Our proficiency, invaluable perspectives, candid guidance, and dedication to achieving their goals are aspects highly regarded by both our clients and candidates.

Close to two-thirds of our projects come from clients with whom we’ve had prior collaborations, showcasing the trust they place in our services.

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We help outdoor companies grow, become more efficient, & reach their goals.

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Our approach blends extensive expertise across the outdoors industry and functions with a proven process for executive search and evaluation. We aid you in discovering leaders perfectly aligned with your organization’s distinct requirements, ensuring a lasting and meaningful influence.


Outdoor Industry Recruitment Experts

Over 20 years of experience with some of the world’s most exciting outdoor brands.

20 years of placing people

At Cutwater Martin, our passion for the outdoors and active lifestyle is at the heart of our executive search practice. For two decades, we’ve linked top industry companies with outstanding talent who resonate with their values.

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